Choosing the Best Forklift for Your Business

Over the past few years, one type of heavy machinery has seen a rapid growth in demand and necessity within Australian businesses. Capable of transportation, heavy goods lifting and storage – forklifts have become one of the most vital components for organisations of all sizes. When it comes to choosing the best truck for a business, it’s not always as easy deciding on the cheapest model – nor is it always a good idea.

Before choosing one for your business, it’s a good idea to evaluate your needs in order to hire or purchase the model that is right for you. Here are a few of the most common factors that you will want to consider:

The weight capacity of the vehicle

Not all lifts are the same size, nor will they all feature the same hydraulics. Many businesses opt for trucks that are able to lift the most weight – but this can be a costly and unnecessary mistake to make. The first thing that you’ll want to do is to evaluate the type of stock or goods that your vehicle will be transporting. If you can calculate the average weight of the load to be transported, you’ll have a better idea of the types of forklift that may be suitable.

Think about your local environment

Not all organisations feature the same environment. Some may rely on wooden decking to securely support their stock, whilst others may prefer traditional concrete and cement. Many trucks feature single-purpose tyres and this can be detrimental if you choose a type that won’t be as effective when moving across your particular floor space. You’ll want to consider the texture of your flooring (rough, smooth, combination, slippery), as well as whether or not your vehicle will be used internally or externally.

The width and height of your vehicle

This consideration should be a top priority – especially if your warehouse, factory, or outlet has areas with restricted space. The width of your truck might fit into a specific location – but it always pays to add the width of any products or goods too, as these may add anywhere between a few inches or several feet to the overall width. The same could be said for the height. Most vehicles will feature a vertical lifting mechanism – and if your roof or ceiling is low, then you may be restricted, or risk damage.


One of the biggest draws of using these types of factory vehicles is that they are typically easy to manoeuvre. Thanks to their low centre of gravity and specially designed stabilisers, most trucks are able to spin on the spot – but there are those that don’t. When choosing a model, it’s a good idea to evaluate how much space is available – especially if your truck will need to turn around within tight confines.

The cost of your forklift might be a priority – but it’s not the most important aspect to consider. It’s best to source a vehicle that will do its job first and foremost – after all cheaper alternatives may end up being far more costly in the long run. If you’re in Sydney and are looking for a great local company to help you find the best machine for your business, we recommend the team at All Areas Forklift Hire.

As usual, we hope this article was helpful. If you have any further questions about selecting the right equipment, fell free to contact our team.

General Business Tips For Everyone

It’s a fact that many people would like to have their own business due to the benefits that this activity brings. However, what you don’t realize is that it’s easy to start a business, and it’s even easier to run it if you know what you are doing.

In many cases, creating the startup is the easiest part, as all you have to do is follow some pre-established steps. The real action comes after the business is created, when you will have to take care of all the aspects of the business, to make sure that it has an ascending way to success.

This being said, let’s see some general business tips that anyone can use in planning and creating their startup.

The Idea

grow_businessThis is the most important thing that you have to start with. The budget is second on the list, because it mostly depends on the idea. When you think of your own business, consider that you need to do something that you are good at or something that you know how to do.

Running your business will also mean that you have to have passion for what you do – anything that is done with passion has great chances of success, and this is a main ingredient for your future.

Make a list with what you’d like to do, and if you know how to do something, start from there. If you know many things about flowers and you like to make flower arrangements, then you could open up a flower shop; if you know many things about coffee and preparing it, but you’re also great with socializing, you can open up a coffee shop. The examples could go on, but you’ve surely gotten the idea.

The Budget

Each idea needs a budget so consider if you have the needed amount of money. Some ideas need a low budget, while others need serious investments to be done. Take into consideration your own savings or the possibility to get a loan from the bank or find an interested investor. For the last two options, you will need a perfect business plan to attract them.

Have What Is Needed

Being an entrepreneur is not easy, and the start can be hard in some cases. This is why you need to ask yourself if you’ve got what it takes for creating a business and running it. Some skills are natural while others can be learnt, but it’s essential to have at least a part of them.

slider-networkThis being said, you will need to have a good attention to many details and the ability to deal with different things at once, you need to be resistant to stress and be able to take decisions as you go; you will also need to be proactive and willing to learn new things all the time; apart from this, you will also need to have good communication skills, accountability skills (at least basic knowledge), to be trustworthy and fair and be able to socialize with everyone.

You will also need one more thing – passion for your job and if you could combine the passion with the profession, then you are on a clear road to success.

Professional Help

There are plenty of papers that you need to fill out when you want to start a business, and the easiest thing to do is to look for a professional business advisor to help you out with this. Not only will this save you time, but it will also save you money.

This way, you will get the best advice on the type of business that you need (from the legal point of view), but you will also be able to get a draft for your business plan. You may have the right skills for being an entrepreneur, but it’s a good thing to ask for professional help no matter how good you are.

The Top Six Caravan Hotspots in Australia

Looking For A Break Away From Your Busy Schedule? Every Business Owner Needs Some Downtime.

As the world of caravanning moves from the rain-soaked, cramped little family getaways of yesterday, into an affordable wide open road of exploration from the convenience of a home away from home, knowing the top five caravan hotspots in Australia has never been more important. So, with this in mind let’s look at the most diverse stopovers to be found in Australia. Each of the following is worthy of being squeezed onto every camping enthusiast’s holiday bucket lists!

  1. Newnes Campground – New South Wales

Newnes campground is one of the most dramatic campsites to be found in NSW. With sandstone cliffs and eucalyptus trees framing a flat, grassy site, it is the ideal spot for a more scenic break away from home. Visitors can explore the nearby tracks and tunnels of the historic abandoned oil shale mining site ruins, or take a short drive over to Glow Worm tunnel, which is lit up by its namesake -glow-worms – and by the bioluminescent larvae of a type of fungus gnat. The campsite does not take bookings and operates on a first-come, first-serve basis, so make sure to arrive as early as possible to get a good spot.

  1. Cowes Caravan Park – Victoria

Private motorhome hire is on the rise to meet with the demand for these unplugged, stripped-back type of holidays, and with sites such as the beautiful Cowes caravan park right on the beach, it’s no wonder! With shallow waters and fine white sand, swimming and water sporting activities for the whole family, once you hook up, you’ll never want to leave.

  1. Barn Hill Station – Western Australia

When traditional camping sites are just too holiday-ish, why not visit Barn Hill Station for a truly different getaway? Situated in the middle of family owned and run cattle station, it really is an isolated beach spot for those who wish to unwind. As this site offers differing accommodation options – including powered and unpowered sites – you really can tailor your stay. As Barn Hill is a popular and affordable, yet secluded campsite, bookings need to be made well in advance to ensure availability.

  1. Blue Lake Holiday Park – South Australia

One of the biggest cities in Mount Gambier, South Australia, Blue Lake Holiday Park is situated on top of the world famous Blue Lake and is set on around 27 acres of landscaped gardens and amazing views of the surrounding valley. With so much to see and do, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

  1. Eungella National Park – Queensland

A mountain resort unlike any other, Eungella National Park is one of the most ecologically diverse grounds in the whole of Australia – with over 860 species of plant and an unusual array of wildlife. With a choice of campsite: the Fern Flat camping area – which can be accessed by foot only, or Broken River bush camp – which plays host to twelve open plan sites and is suitable for motor homes; you’ll find a campsite to suit your needs.

  1. Discovery Holiday Parks – Hobart, Tasmania

Located in the bush, Discovery Holiday Parks in Hobart is one of the more connected parks on the list. With a wide range of activities from nearby ghost hunting nights to a visit to the local chocolate factory, the stunning views of Mount Wellington nearby could well set the tone for your trip. As Hobart is central to Bruny Island, visitors can enjoy days out in Launceston and Strahan too, if they don’t mind a lengthy drive.

While many caravan owners are turning to caravanning as a whole new way of living, costs are low and freedom is a defining factor, but a rented caravan may be the way forward for those who are not quite willing to commit just yet!